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Why Community Corrections should use Field Search ? 

First, there are “No hidden costs- or- re-occurring fee’s”. Any non-technical user will be able to use the software and tools in the field by the end of the class. Officers receive a 4GB USB drive with Field Search V5 Pre-Installed, 15+ additional easy to use investigative software tools (Hashing tools, GEO tag tracing, etc.). We provide a mobile computer lab, complete with case studies, and power point instruction to aid with the hands-on learning experience. We have new windows 10 laptops available for use to train your staff if needed. Preview different operating systems; Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, XP, etc./ Example of files- Field Search will find and display (MACs & Windows). The easy to use software comes with a 109 page pdf. manual to assist field officers in using the application. 

A certificate of completion from NLECTC (National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center) will be provided to each student upon successful completion of this course by the CFSI. This certification provides credibility to the officer and will enhance courtroom testimony. 

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Field Search For Community Corrections.

The community expects probation officers and correctional staff to have the ability to monitor offenders that are released into our communities. Field Search Software is specifically designed for probation, parole, and correction officers who need to conduct a meaningful examination of a suspect’s computer in the field, or correctional institution. 

Over 15,000 distributions of the Field Search Software have occurred throughout the International Law Enforcement, U.S. Law Enforcement, Community Corrections, and the Military over the past 10 years.

Our staff has trained hundreds of probation and correctional officers in the use of Field Search Software for the management and monitoring of offenders. We have traveled to hundreds of 

agencies through out the U.S. to train staff onsite. Our clients have included Federal, State and Local Agencies.

Be part of an overall strategy to educate and empower your staff with the tools to do their jobs!​ Call us for more information on how to train at your facility  1-815-245-8476



Field Search helps community correction staff keep track of an offender’s computer use since their last visit. A report feature documents this information easily within the software. We can scan specific folders instead of the entire hard drive for a quick targeted results. In addition to field search, we provide numerous open source digital tools and literature that can aid in the understanding of these offenders.

​​Probation officer's that use Field Search have expressed great satisfaction with the program and its ongoing development to keep pace with modern technology.

These officers use Field Search every day to monitor probationers computer use for evidence of other legal, or potentially illegal activities (e.g., to determine whether offenders are accessing legal pornography, dating sites, gang-related sites or other prohibited material). Conversely, Field Search can also confirm an offender’s claims that he or she has been using the Internet to search for a job, obtain suitable housing, or engage in some other productive activity. 

What to expect when attending the Field Search class?

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